New version Performance Monitor (Release 2023.1)

On April 7, 2023, we released a new version of Performance Monitor for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL and SAP Hana databases. Changes added in the latest version of the application include assigning multiple categories to instances, changes to application security as well as changes to the download and presentation of execution plans.

Application security improvements As part of the latest release, a number of changes have been made to improve the security of the Performance Monitor application. Among other things, we introduced changes related to logging a user out of the application after a period of inactivity. Another change involved the introduction of auditing of logins and logouts from the application.
In addition, the ability to track changes to the main parameters of the Performance Monitor application was introduced. From this version onward, any change in the parameter responsible for monitoring databases will be saved and verifiable.

Improved Download and presentation of performance plans

In the latest release, we have also introduced a number of improvements related to the collection and storage of execution plans for queries performed on monitored databases. The Performance Monitor application not only records information about the statistics of queries executed, it also stores all the query plans with which the queries were executed. This allows the user to compare and verify which plan for a given query was the most optimal by tracking the query history from the very beginning of connecting the instance to the monitoring.

Assigning multiple categories

In the latest version of the application, we added the functionality of assigning multiple categories to monitored instances. Assigning categories to database instances allows you to easily group them by which the presentation and analysis of the performance of each group is now easier.

Access to software updates The DBPLUS software is updated at least 4 times a year. Customers have access to all updates when they have a license or maintenance service. With the upgrade to the latest version, the application will run faster and smoother. Each published version provides new functionalities that allow for easier management and performance improvement in the monitored database.  

Detailed specification about changes in version 2023.1:

The user documentation describes in an accessible way all the new functions available in the software


Microsoft SQL Server:


Artur Boguszewski

Software Architect