We are one of the leading European software development companies for online data replication and analysis and optimization of database performance. The DBPLUS software allows to obtain accelerate of IT systems work, reduce infrastructure and license cost. Main products of the company:

  • Performance Monitor – application for monitor and analyze the performance of three leading database engines.
  • Data Replicator – real-time data replication software.

Each of the products cooperate with both enterprise-class solutions from Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server plus open source PostgreSQL.

Over 200 clients trusted us on the European market
Our clients are medium and large companies, including international corporations. Our experience includes the insurance, telecommunications, banking, retail and e-commerce, energy, fuel, production and logistics markets.
up to 60% increase in database performance
Customers that use DPLUS Performance Monitor software achieve of database performance growth up to 60%. The software makes it easier and quick to get information about the affecting performance queries of the monitored database. Thanks to our application, the administrators focus on real problems in the database.

Our Software

The basic function of our software is to detect and optimize problems in information systems. As a result, our clients achieve productivity gains while reducing infrastructure investments and licenses. In the case of online data replication, our software allows to separate report database from production database. It allows to relieve IT systems and autonomous operation of online reporting in the Client’s organization.

DBPLUS architecture solutions has been designed with the aim of shortening the maximum time software implementation. This allows for a faster than alternative implementation scenarios achieve business effect – e.g. increase in system performance.

Easy installation and use as well as the possibility of customization have a positive impact on cost optimization, the Client’s side and the DBPLUS. Installation of the trial version and the full version of the software runs in the same way and does not require partner’s support and can be made by the Client themselves.

Currently DBPLUS solutions are used in the 17 European markets. Our Clients are banking, insurance, telecommunications, energy, distribution, production, commercial and e-commerce industry. The DBPLUS software is also used in the public administration sector.

10K+ Performance Monitor licenses sold
Our software has been developed for over 10 years together with our clients. The large number of implementations allows us to develop our products with real market needs. Our clients benefit from experience in develop applications from other industries and markets.
1.5TB of processed logs in 24h
The DBPLUS Data Replicator software is able to read up to 1.5TB of daytime changes contained in log files. Information about changes made on the source database is read from transaction logs via the LogMiner tool available in Oracle databases. The only effect that the Replicator has on the source database is the low load resulting from the LogMiner tool.


Our cooperation model is based on delivering effects. We create added value by providing knowledge transfer to the Client’s organization. We provide full technical documentation and test versions of our software. During implementation and project duration, we offer help from engineers who create our software. Thanks to this, each software update considers the real business needs that our Clients face every day.

DBPLUS updates products four times a year. Customers have access to all updates within the purchased license or proper maintenance plan. Each published version provides new functionalities that allow for easier management and performance improvement in monitored databases. Information about software updates >>

17 European markets
The DBPLUS software is used throughout Europe. Our clients include medium and large corporations where the performance of business applications is the most important role in business. DBPLUS has partners on local European markets.
1000 average number of tables transferred in online replication
The number of tables where data is stored is not a problem. The complexity of the data model does not affect the speed of replicated data. DBPLUS Data Replicator reads changes made on the production basis from transaction logs by reading individual DDL operations.


Thanks to many years of cooperation with Clients, the DBPLUS software is developed based on real market problems. Knowledge about the specificity of individual sectors allows us to offer solutions tested in many industries. Thanks to that we obtain positive references. Our experience includes the following segments:

The DBPLUS software is used by the largest insurance market companies. This Includes companies operating on domestic markets and parts of international corporations. Clients from the insurance sector use our software as part of the Oracle database, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL database performance improvement processes and for online data replication.

Our clients include the largest operators who operate on the European market. The telecommunications industry uses our software to improve performance and database optimization services. The mobile segment is a fast-growing market highly dependent on the changing needs of consumers. Quick access to data and continuous improvement of performance are the needs in which the solutions created by DBPLUS help achieve.

Information security is one of the essential elements characterizing the financial sector. Our software meets the high requirements set by banks. DBPLUS provides solutions for improving database performance as well as replication of production data.

One of the important indicators determining the success in online sales is the speed and quality of service. That is why many companies in this sector use our applications to analyze and further improve the performance of their databases. Our cooperation with Clients is most often extended by providing aggregate online reports using real-time data replication.

The specificity of the energy and fuel industry requires the use of specific our applications work well. The DBPLUS team provides database maintenance services for many clients from the energy market. Our experience in cooperation with the largest energy operators allows us to solve current problems with efficiency and speed of business processes.

Supplies management and liquidity of all processes requires our customers to constantly monitor production database. At the same time, access to data analysis should be done online and without impact to the production environment. Our experience in the production and logistics sector includes implementation of online replication, providing performance improvement solutions, and provision of database maintenance services.

up to 70% lower implementation costs
Compare our offer with the implementation costs of alternative implementation scenarios. Thanks to the flexible approach, the maximum reduction of the implementation time and the full customization of our software, we are able to offer lower implementation costs.
Reading 80GB of changes / h from logs does not change performance
Data Replicator can read over 80GB of changes contained in log files per hour. Information about changes made on the source database is read from transaction logs via the LogMiner tool available in Oracle databases. The only effect that the Replicator has on the source base is in the low load that results from the LogMiner tool.