Anomaly Monitor in SQL instance

Database Performance Monitor allows to fully automatic performance diagnostics of Oracle, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, SAP Hana and Amazon Redshift databases. If a problem or performance anomaly is detected, this information is displayed on the main “Dashboard” screen and sent via e-mail in the form of an alert.

database performance monitor
Anomaly Monitor

Here is a short video showing how Anomaly Monitor functionality works:

First, Database Performance Monitor gives you the ability to observe the current performance of the database, track trends in the load of the database server and individual components (CPU, I/O buffers), identify problems with the performance of SQL instances, track performance trends of individual SQL queries, analyze data and present them as a graph. Second, Database Performance Monitor offers view real-time active user sessions, view the status of full and incremental database backups, troubleshoot sub-optimal SQL queries, and clearly report database issues.

More information: https://dbplus.tech/en/dbplus_performance_monitor

Database Performance Monitor knowledge base:


DBPLUS is also a producer of Data Replicator software that allows to logical replication of databases. Data Replicator transfers data from the source database to the target database in real time. The software has its own mechanism that creates the starting point of data in the target database. Thanks to the DBLUS software, the data contained in the target database are constantly updated in real time based on information about changes made in the source database. In this way, our users can select specific objects (e.g. schemas or tables) to be replicated and, moreover, specify the scope of changes that are to be replicated. The software works on different database engines and between different database engines.

More information: https://dbplus.tech/en/dbplus_data_replicator/

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