A new DBPLUS Client in Austria

In May 2018, webtelligence, a German business partner of DBPLUS, began implementing the DBPLUS Performance Monitor solution for MS SQL Server at the European leader in the industrial sector.

The new DBPLUS client is an international holding company with production plants located throughout Europe. The company operates production, distribution and trade in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Croatia and Hungary.

DBPLUS Performance Monitor for MS SQL is an innovative software for monitoring and analyzing the performance of Microsoft on-premises and Cloud Azure database environments. The software delivers the analysis of problematic SQL queries and I / O areas that need optimization. Therefore, IT teams are able to precisely and quickly eliminate the performance problems of databases and business applications.

As Michael Roedeske, CEO of webtelligence says:

„We are happy that our solution gains the recognition of market leaders. For several years, we have been successfully building our presence in the DACH region with our software and services to monitor and optimize the performance of Oracle and MS SQL databases. This is the next implementation of DBPLUS tools in the German-speaking markets this year.”

DBPLUS optimization services for database environments is a range of specialized services for IT departments. These include the Performance on Demand service, which aims to increase the level of database performance to the agreed level, and the 24h/7 Performance Management service to manage the performance of Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases.

DBPLUS also offers a solution for data replication from these database environments in real time. DBPLUS Data Replicator is a modern, easy-to-deploy and use system enabling logical replication of data in real time without noticeable loading on the source database. It provides the ability to replicate from Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases to Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL databases, between different versions and OS systems they work on.


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