Another success for DBPLUS in the German market

On April 12, 2018, we began implementing the DBPLUS Data Replicator solution for the customer in the financial sector in Germany. The tool will be used on a data migration project between Oracle databases.

By using real-time replication, migration can become much faster, secure and carried out with minimal downtime of production environments. Moreover, the ability to reverse the direction of replication allows you to return to the old database in case of any migration problems.

webtelligence IT consulting GmbH is the exclusive partner of DBPLUS in Germany. As pointed out by Michael Roedeske, CEO of webtelligence:

“We have been present on the German market for several years with our software and services to monitor and optimize the performance of Oracle and MS SQL databases. The trust of our clients is also reflected in the growing interest in the solutions for real-time data replication.”

With real-time replication, you can easily consolidate data from multiple systems into one database – such as a data warehouse. DBPLUS Data Replicator also allows you to distribute data from the central transaction system to distributed systems, letting users work on a copy of production data in real time.

DBPLUS Data Replicator is an innovative, reliable and high performance tool to replicate data on-line from Oracle and Microsoft databases to Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL without significant additional load to the source database. Data replication is available from Oracle and Microsoft databases to Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL. DBPLUS Data Replicator is available for download in a fully functional trial mode. It allows you to test the solution only if the number of replicated records is below 100,000 daily.


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