New version Performance Monitor (Release 2022.1)

On April 10, 2022, we released a new version of Performance Monitor for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL databases. The most important functions added in the application are, support for the System_Stats extension for the PostgreSQL platform, data management in the repository database and many other improvements.

Support for System_Stats Extension – PostgreSQL
In the latest version of the Performance Monitor application for PostgreSQL databases, we have added support for the System_Stats extension. It is an extension for databases for Linux, Windows and MacOs. The extension allows you to monitor system processes, the level of CPU utilization, memory and disk resources. Additional information about the extension as well as downloads are available at the following link:
PostgreSQL System_stats extension

Data management in the repository – Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL
In the newly published version, we enabled data management in the DBPLUS repository. The repository is a database in which the information collected by the application during monitoring is stored. The user can set the duration of data storage in the repository for each of the main monitoring areas. After the time set by the user has elapsed, the detailed data in the repository are aggregated to daily data, access to which is ensured throughout the monitoring period from the moment a given instance is connected to monitoring.

Bug fixes and improvements – Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL
In the last version of the application, we introduced a number of fixes and improvements. The improvement applies especially to the Query Advisor module, i.e. the module prompting performance changes for queries in the monitored database. The changes also apply to the fixes for the MS SQL platform in terms of generating Plan Guide scripts, allowing the assignment of an optimal execution plan to a query.

Access to software updates
The DBPLUS software is updated at least 4 times a year. Customers have access to all updates when they have a license or maintenance service. With the upgrade to the latest version, the application will run faster and smoother. Each published version provides new functionalities that allow for easier management and performance improvement in the monitored database.


Detailed specification about changes in version 2022.1:

The user documentation describes in an accessible way all the new functions available in the software


Microsoft SQL Server:


Artur Boguszewski

Software Architect