Actinium Consulting GmbH and DBPLUS enter into partnership

Actinium Consulting GmbH specializes in business intelligence and ERP. The software developments by DBPLUS for database optimization and real-time data replication fit very well into the consulting company’s portfolio.

More innovation, more simplicity, less costs – that is the goal of Actinium Consulting GmbH. The partnership with DBPLUS aims to provide customers with precisely these competitive advantages in database performance management and data replication.

Minimizing costs as the top priority
he dynamics of change in the markets are being boosted by the current COVID19 pandemic. Efficiency and minimizing costs are therefore among the most important requirements for long-term success. Actinium GmbH’s consultants consciously use this lever. “Minimizing costs without compromising on success is our priority,” explains Klaus Hüttl, Managing Director of Actinium Consulting. The consultants will now be supported by software from DBPLUS. “We are pleased to be able to give the Actinium Consulting GmbH team around Mr. Hüttl efficient tools for database performance monitoring and optimization in the projects – to ensure the goals of cost minimization.”, Explains Michael Roedeske, DBPLUS Regional Manager DACH, the cooperation.

The potential for optimization is high
The experts around Klaus Hüttl know firsthand that there is great potential for optimization. The degree of digitization and thus the amount of data and processing speed requirements in companies has increased in recent years, but many companies lack suitable solutions to monitor their data back-end for efficiency. The DBPLUS database monitoring should bring light into the darkness at this point. At the same time, the software shows optimization potential. Klaus Hüttl sums up the benefits for customers as follows: “High-performance database processing in ERP and timely provision in BI projects is day-to-day business in our projects – with DBPLUS solutions we can uncover even more targeted optimization potentials and convert them into customer benefits.”

Partnership for more simplicity
Both partners are convinced that they can offer companies more simplicity and new impulses in the field of data management – and that is simply innovative.
More information about DBPLUS at https://www.dbplus.tech

DBPLUS offers unique solutions and comprehensive services for the highly effective optimization of database performance and data replication of databases.

The DBPLUS Performance Monitor is an innovative and modern software for precise monitoring and analysis of the database performance.

The DBPLUS Data Replicator is a reliable and high-performance software for data replication in real time from Oracle® or Microsoft ™ SQL Server® to Oracle®, Microsoft ™ SQL Server®, PostgreSQL, Amazon Redshift and MySQL with almost no load on the source database.

The DBPLUS Optimization Services are a comprehensive portfolio of highly specialized services such as performance on demand for one-time performance optimization on a coordinated level and continuous performance management services for Oracle® and Microsoft ™ SQL Server®.
More information about Actinium at https://www.actinium.de

Actinium Consulting GmbH is a consulting company founded in 1999 with headquarters in Lindau (headquarters), Hanover, Tübingen, Au (St. Gallen), Vienna, Graz and Singapore. With our services, we help companies to make business and decision-making processes faster, more efficient and more successful in the long term. We ensure continuous data and information flows, standardization in reporting, time and quality gains in the decision-making phase. The main areas of consulting are business intelligence, business processes and business integration, as well as topics such as digitization, big data, I40 and IoT. Our range of services covers all project phases from consulting and evaluation to conception and implementation. With our consulting and implementation services, we address medium-sized companies and large corporations from all industries.

Artur Boguszewski

Software Architect