DBPLUS at the DOAG 2018 Database Conference, Germany

On May 15, 2018, during the #DOAGDB18 organized by the German Oracle User Group, we will talk about DBPLUS tools. This is another Oracle-related conference we are presenting this year. In March, we participated in the DOAG Data Analytics Conference in Brühl, Germany. DBPLUS will be represented by Dariusz Markowski and Michael Roedeske, who will talk about how to achieve best performance by separating OLTP and OLAP workload.

Best performance by Real-Time Data Replication – separating OLTP and OLAP workload.
It is important, because measuring the database performance provides answer to the question – in which part (in percentage) the database is utilized by OLTP and OLAP operations and how their occurrence in one database instance influences each other. To improve the performance and reliability of the database, the best way is to separate these tasks using a Real-Time Data Replication software solution. The result is a complete separation of OLTP operations from OLAP operations, and at the same time guarantees that OLAP operations will be performed on real data. The implementation project of the Real-Time Data Replication system should be completed with a comparison of the performance of the database that supports OLTP processes before and after the implementation of a Real-Time Data Replication mechanism.

DBPLUS Products and Services
DBPLUS Data Replicator is an innovative, reliable and high performance tool to replicate data on-line from Oracle and Microsoft databases to Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL without significant additional load to the source database.

DBPLUS Performance Monitor a modern system for precise database performance monitoring and analysis to locate bottlenecks that should be optimized.

DBPLUS Optimization Services offer a comprehensive portfolio of highly specialized services like Performance on demand for one time performance optimization to an agreed level and continuous Performance Management Services for Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.

More information:
Registration and additional information: https://datenbank.doag.org/de/home/


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