DBPLUS Performance Monitor at Lagardere

Lagardere Travel Retail has been active on the retail sales market since 1998, managing a network of 630 press salons with brand names such as Inmedio, Relay, Virgin, Discover, as well as convenience stores under the 1 Minute brand. The company also operates 80 foodservice points, including cafes, bistros, pubs, bakeries with a foodservice offer, as well as Duty Free shops at airports.

The company’s IT department decided to purchase the DBPLUS Performance Monitor to monitor the database performance of its main ERP system.

DBPLUS Performance Monitor is a state-of-the-art system for precision monitoring and analysis of database performance. The application allows for the resolution of one of the main problems in the effective provision of IT services, that is, maintaining sufficient IT system performance.

Frequently, the only solution for performance problems is investment in larger, more efficient servers. Unfortunately, this does not always bring the anticipated results despite the high costs incurred. Instead of investing in equipment, performance problems can be solved much more readily through optimisation of databases. And to optimise a database, it is essential to identify the bottlenecks which occur in it and understand the reasons why they arise.


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