New version Performance Monitor (Release 2023.4)

In December 2023, we released the next version of Performance Monitor application for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL and SAP Hana databases. Changes added in the latest version of the application include managing the sending of an email with information about a performance anomaly and creating a Plan Guide from the user’s browser.

Generate a Plan Guide from internet browser
In the latest version of the application, the mechanism for generating a Plan Guide in an MSSQL instance has been expanded. This mechanism allows you to assign an optimal execution plan to a query.
The expansion involves providing the ability to create a Plan Guide directly from within the DBPLUS Performance Monitor application by pointing to the optimal plan and confirming and validating with the login and password of a user with Plan Guide creation privileges.
Plan guide generate is available at the query analysis level in the Sql Details tab.

Email dispatch management
In the latest version of the application, the functionality for managing the sending of email addresses informing about alerts has been modified. Alert information is sent based on events detected by the Anomaly Monitor module. This module analyzes performance trends in the monitored instance and if a problem occurs, the information will be presented in the Performance Monitor application and, if email dispatch has been configured, information about the event will be sent to the specified address.
The improvement introduced in the latest version allows full configuration of email dispatch. The user can indicate which events are to be informed by email.

Access to software updates
The DBPLUS software is updated at least 4 times a year. Customers have access to all updates when they have a license or maintenance service. With the upgrade to the latest version, the application will run faster and smoother. Each published version provides new functionalities that allow for easier management and performance improvement in the monitored database.

Detailed specification about changes in version 2023.4:

The user documentation describes in an accessible way all the new functions available in the software


Microsoft SQL Server:


Artur Boguszewski

Software Architect