Business Case: Client from the telecom sector





We were asked to help one of the Polish telecom operators with a problem in the main CRM system, which exhibited 100% load in all 46 processors.


Other service providers suggested modernisation of servers, which would have been costly not only due to the expense of the new equipment, but also due to the required database licence fees for the new processors.


The DBPLUS team optimized 30 SQL queries, which caused the load to drop to 12 CPUs, which gave the client large savings and a lot of free computing power..


This was possible thanks to the use of our DBPLUS Performance Monitor™ software, which precisely indicated the problematic SQL queries and provided all information needed to increase their performance.


Business Case: Client from the mass distribution sector





In this project, we were asked to help optimise a warehouse system which processed daily operations very slowly. The equipment provider was faced with a problem in this case, as the client already possessed highly efficient servers and there was no possibility to expand them further in technical terms. The slow operation of the warehouse system ultimately forced the company to implement another shift for warehouse workers and the continuous degradation of the system was apparent.


The equipment provider suggested migration to another server technology, but test runs on the new equipment did not provide an acceleration of warehouse operations commensurate to the cost of system exchange.


After executing a comprehensive audit of the database system operation, the user access process to I/O resources was optimised.


This significantly reduced the query processing load of the warehouse system on the database, while further optimisation allowed for a downgrade, i.e. a migration to less efficient x86 servers. Additional savings were obtained by eliminating the now unnecessary second shift for the warehouse workers.


Business Case: Client from the fuel sector





In the course of our 2.5 year cooperation with a client from the fuel sector, we have managed to optimise the cost of IT infrastructure maintenance and increase the number of operations executed. This was achieved as part of long-term cooperation on the basis of the Performance Management service.


Constant monitoring of the ever-changing database environment with DBPLUS Performance Monitor™ and constant optimisation of performance allowed IT systems to be updated on an ongoing basis without impacting the daily operations of the company. Additionally, investment in equipment-based solutions was maintained at the minimum level.


How does it work?



  • By using “Database load” functionality, it is possible to quickly check the server load generated by database processes in a given period.
  • The application provides rapid access to the following charts: CPU usage, wait times of all sessions, total usage on the database server, and number of CPUs available on the server.
  • Access to data makes it possible to quickly identify outliers from the trend. Thanks to the flexible chart scale settings it is possible to increase the precision of the points selected. Data are recorded every 15 minutes.
  • For every point, a list of all queries conducted is available.  By using the SQL Details tab, you can obtain access to performance statistics for every query which is initiated in the database. This makes it possible to review the performance of individual queries together with all execution plans.
  • The Load Trends function monitors trends in the database over a longer period, making it possible to check the wait time of all queries in the database every 15 minutes, hourly, weekly, or monthly.
  • SQL Analyze makes it possible to analyse the load of each individual query in relationship to the total database query load and identify those queries which need optimisation.

Solving performance issues using DBPLUS Performance Monitor