Performance Monitor for Oracle & MS SQL (release 2019.3)

On October 11, 2019, we released a new version of Performance Monitor for Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases. The most important features added in the application are: modified version of Anomaly monitor for Oracle, user settings reminder and adding time stamp for pages.

Anomaly Monitor modification
As part of the new version of the application for Oracle, the Anomaly Monitor screen has been modified. The method of detecting problematic events as well as the graphic part of the site has changed. New versions have been added and current versions of alerts definitions have been modified. Anomaly monitor has been enriched with problem detection which additionally analyzes database performance at a given time and presents the result of this analysis in the form of a problem description.

User settings reminder
In the new version (for Oracle and MS SQL) we have added the functionality to remember changes made on a selected tab in the database details. Currently, each page refresh, change of date or moving to a different tab results in a return to the default settings for a given tab. The introduced change consists in remembering the settings of a given tab for: date, column selection in the table, series on the chart, grouping, selections in the dropdown field, checkbox options selected.

Time stamp on the pages presenting the statistics
In the latest version of the application we have added the ability to present data in a narrower range than today. Until now, most charts and data could only be filtered for a given day. In this version, we have also added the hour and minute to the date, which allows to narrow down the range of displayed data and at the same time speeds up the analysis of the performance problem.

Access to software updates
The DBPLUS software is updated at least 4 times a year. Customers have access to all updates when they have a license or maintenance service. With the upgrade to the latest version, the application will run faster and smoother. Each published version provides new functionalities that allow for easier management and performance improvement in the monitored database.

Detailed specification about changes in version 2019.3:

The user documentation describes in an accessible way all the new functions available in the software



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