dbi services and DBPLUS enter into a partnership

Delémont, March 31, 2020 – dbi services has secured a partnership with DBPLUS, a software development company which specializes in online data replication and analysis/optimization of database performance.

This partnership will allow dbi services to provide its customers with even more cutting-edge tools. In addition, the Switzerland-wide presence of the Delémont-based company will help DBPLUS increase its availability for local implementation projects, such as migration to Cloud technologies.

A strong partnership for efficient management of database projects
As an expert in middleware infrastructure, dbi services always seeks innovative solutions to provide its customers with state-of-the-art products and services. DBPLUS develops tools for efficient database performance optimization and data replication of Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL databases. Thanks to this partnership, large-scale projects for major Swiss companies, such as the Swiss Federal Railway Company’s Cargo service (SBB Cargo), have been successfully carried out.

Efficient products + recognized expertise = a winning combination
In 10 years, dbi services has gained notoriety and recognition thanks to its consultants’ extensive know-how. Through this collaboration, DBPLUS has access to dbi services’ expertise as well as to its experience in designing, building and operating cutting-edge middleware infrastructure.

Concrete projects with convincing results have already been carried out. As stated by Michael Roedeske, DBPLUS Regional Manager DACH (Germany – Austria – Switzerland): “Our first projects have affirmed that our solutions are a guarantee for short project durations and rapid ROI when placed in the hands of dbi services’ team of experts”.

For example, in the project with SBB Cargo, the challenge was to copy Data Warehouse data from an Oracle-database into a PostgreSQL-database running on the AWS-Cloud. The DBPLUS Data Replicator was chosen as it provides the exact functionality requested by the client. For the initial data-load, the DBPLUS tool Data Transfer was used. This automatically defined the mapping between Oracle and PostgreSQL-datatypes and allowed tables and indexes to be created and data to be loaded without any manual interventions. The replication of data started automatically after the initial loading and Email-Alerting and a REST-API monitored the status of the replication. Using this setup, SBB Cargo can successfully provide DWH-data for applications in the Cloud without specific programming or customization. The support provided by DBPLUS was outstanding. Initial issues with the setup could be addressed by DBPLUS experts looking at the system through remote sessions.

Both companies are delighted with this collaboration, which is sure to be a long-term one: “dbi services is known beyond Switzerland as an innovative Oracle, Microsoft and EnterpriseDB technology partner, and we are pleased that our products will be an essential component in challenging and value-generating projects”. says Dariusz Markowski, co-founder of DBPLUS. And dbi services‘ CEO, David Hueber, states: “With DBPLUS in our portfolio, we have access to innovative tools for optimizing databases. Our close cooperation will also make it possible to provide our customers with solutions that match their specific requirements”.

This partnership is a win-win situation for all parties involved: dbi services, DBPLUS and, of course, the customers who are able to optimize their databases quickly and efficiently and thus reduce the related costs.

Artur Boguszewski

Software Architect