Automatic start of replication with Data Transfer

The tool created by DBPLUS allows to copy any data tables between transactional databases. The new solution supports the automation of synchronization processes.

From 1 June 2019, Data Transfer will be available to all DBPLUS customers with a Data Replicator license. Thanks to the tool, the configuration of the replication process is more simple. Now copying data tables between transactional databases is faster and easier for users. It is possible by automatic start the copy process and transfer of changes in specific tables. User no longer has to control the correct data synchronization. Thanks to the new function, Data Replicator automates the process and doesn’t require the use of additional tools such as Data Pump or RMAN.

„Data Transfer was created so that the staring point for replication was created fully automatically without any administrator work such as: export data from source databases or import data into target databases. Work is performed fully automatically by the DBPLUS software.” – says Dariusz Markowski responsible for the solution architecture.

Increased efficiency
Data Transfer is made up of separate modules read and upload data. The use of compression algorithms enables efficient transport of information over an IP network. The solution is also adapted to the network, where there is a risk of packet loss and connection breaks – thanks to the built-in function of automatic restoration of synchronization between components. DBPLUS Data Transfer supports source database engines of Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server as well as target Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL. Between engines, any configurations specified by the user are possible.

Technical Specifications
Data Transfer is an extension of Data Replicator software and is available to all new and current customers without any additional fees. The DBPLUS Data Replicator server software runs on 64-bit Windows systems where the .Net Framework version at least 4.5 is installed.

We are one of the leading European software development companies for online data replication and analysis and optimization of database performance. Two main products of the company are Performance Monitor – application for monitor and analyze the performance of three leading database engines and Data Replicator – real-time data replication software. Each of the products cooperate with both enterprise-class solutions from Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server plus open source PostgreSQL.


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