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“Luke, my CIO… Use the Force and Improve the Performance of Transactional Systems by Offloading Heavy Queries and Operational Reporting”

Posted by DBPLUS on 2018 February 12
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Business operations are continuing to place growing demands on transactional processing systems. This tends to be good and desirable news for most companies and large enterprices – it means that their clients are buying more products and services, interacting more often with the business and, most likely, driving increased revenues through automated online systems and processes. It may also indicate that the business is taking advantage of and participating in the growing use of mobility, social media and big data analytics, all of which can be key factors in driving increases in transactions.


450 billion Internet-based business transactions per day

That’s good news for the CEO. For the CIO the bad news is that all of these increased transactions and the data they are creating can negatively impact the performance of the underlying transactional processing systems (OLTP operations). Gartner predicts that business transactions on the Internet will reach 450 billion per day by the end of the decade. To continue supporting and enabling this growth without breaking the bank or resulting in a heart attack of the CFO, IT leaders have to find and implement solutions that can cost-effectively mitigate the potential negative impact of transaction growth on the performance of the underlying infrastructure.

The best news for the CIO is that innovative technology solutions for maximizing performance of transactional processing systems are available and time-tested to be simple and efficient to deploy. DBPLUS Data Replicator™ software is positioned well for this solution, provides high-performance, real-time data replication from Oracle® and Microsoft™ SQL Server® databases to Oracle®, Microsoft™ SQL Server® and PostgreSQL environments. It captures changed data from database transaction logs and routes, transforms, and delivers this transactional data to other systems with sub-second latency.


Smart Solutions

What’s more, DBPLUS’s software solution can be installed with minimal impact on the existing environment and is far more cost efficient (unbeatable TCO) than other approaches that address transactional performance that typically involve expensive incremental investments in hardware (application consolidation platforms) and database licenses of the aforementioned vendors.

One approach that is bringing enormous benefits to enterprises involves offloading read-only access — specifically ad hoc queries and operational reporting — to a replica of the production environment. By using a real-time data replication solution, you can have a secondary system where end users can access up-to-the-second data without hitting the production database. This solution removes heavy query overhead from the production environment and increases performance for production systems. If you can also have this reporting environment on a more cost effective platform like x86, and avoid adding more CPU to your expensive production environment, there is a clear opportunity to reduce costs.


Use the Force

When large amounts of internal and external queries impact directly on the online transaction processing (OLTP) production database, it can cause significant overhead and degrade performance. This creates more pressure on the IT team to invest in the underlying infrastructure to ensure performance remains acceptable. Especially during peak times, administrators have to tell business analytics not to query certain applications or run large reports. This problem is eliminated.

Moreover, if you utilize a solution that doesn’t impact your existing environment and is easy to install and manage, you are saving IT the headaches involved in upgrading existing databases and business systems. By delivering results companies have been able to achieve significant business benefits by offloading queries and operational reporting. This is a critical time for enterprises to be focused on the performance of their transactional systems.

Business transactions are continuing to grow at a startling pace, while business leaders are upping the pressure on their IT infrastructures to deliver better speed, reliability, agility, high availability and alignment with business initiatives. If your underlying transactional systems face performance challenges it will have a ripple effect across the entire business. The DBPLUS Data Replicator™ technology is available to bolster the performance of transactional systems by offloading key functions such as querying and operational reporting.

These are proven solution. It’s time to take a look and see what they can do for your organization.


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