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  • Do you offer support for a free test of your software?

When you want to test our software, we can support you with its installation and configuration. Additionally, we offer a free “Performance Audit” service, where we check performance and reports on system bottlenecks basing on the testing usage of our tool. If during the software test you encounter any problems with using it, you can contact us by telephone (8-16 pm) or send us a message by email, and we will provide you with support to solve the problem.

  • Can you test DBPLUS Performance Monitor?

You can download from our website installation version of our software and use the full version for 30 days. If after 30 days you do not want to decide to buy a full version license, the program will automatically switch to free mode, where advanced features are unavailable, but you can monitor the basic performance parameters.

  • What is the DBPLUS Performance Monitor license model?

DBPLUS Performance Monitor in both Oracle and SQL Server versions is currently licensed per database instance.

  • Is use of DBPLUS Performance Monitor safe to my database?

Our tool is perfectly safe to the database. It does not changes anything in the database on its own and is not generating any noticeable load for the database. Using our tool will never result in any data loss, slow down of the database or violation of the license agreement for your database and application.

  • What is the DBPLUS Data Replicator license model?

DBPLUS Data Replicator is licensed per CPU socket in the source-replica configuration.

  • What are the available directions for replication?

At the moment, the source database can be Oracle® and target database can be Oracle®, Microsoft® SQL Server® or PostgreSQL.

  • Can I test DBPLUS Data Replicator?

We provide our customers with the software for test, we can also support test installation. The installation program can be downloaded from our website.

  • Is there a free version of DBPLUS Data Replicator?

DBPLUS Data Replicator can be used at no charge if you replicate no more than 100,000 records daily. Exceeding this limit requires the purchase of a license.

  • What does it mean that replication is on-line?

This means that data replication between databases is near-real time. In the case of our software, the minimum delay is approximately 120 ms.

  • Does your software handle interruptions during replication?

DBPLUS Data Replicator has built-in mechanisms that allow you to interrupt replication and then continue from the place where the interrupt occurred. Depending on the amount of data that has not been replicated during the interruption, the software needs some time to catch up until replication is done online.

  • How do you know how much you can improve database performance?

DBPLUS Performance Monitor gives us very precise information about the execution times of each single SQL query in the database along with information about the CPU occupancy and the amount of data exchanged on I/O operations. Thanks to the extensive experience of our experts, based on information from Monitor, we can predict with great certainty how much improvement can be made in database performance. The accuracy of our estimation is so great that we are not afraid to give our famous guarantee to our customers “No success – No charge”.

  • How do I know which services I need: Performance on Demand or Performance Management?

Performance on Demand is the best option for systems that have lost productivity after some time but are not constantly evolving. When your system is constantly changing to implement new functionality and keep pace with the ever-changing business environment, Performance Management is the better choice as performance improvements once implemented may not work well after future system updates.

  • You really do not charge any fees if you fail to deliver performance improvements at a promised level?

Absolutely yes! Our philosophy of operation assumes that the services offered to our clients are ALWAYS financially beneficial for them, no matter how many hours we work on the solution. We charge only when we provide an agreed level of performance improvement. In this way, cooperation with DBPLUS is 100% risk-free.

  • Do you sell your software directly to customers from abroad?

DBPLUS sells its software directly to foreign clients only in countries where there is no DBPLUS Partner yet. In countries where there is already a DBPLUS partner, sales are made through Partners.

  • What conditions must be met to become your Partner?

If you want to know the conditions you must meet to become a DBPLUS Partner, please contact us using the form on the Partners page and we will send you detailed information on this subject.