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DBPLUS Performance Monitor™

for Oracle® & Microsoft™ SQL Server®
DBPLUS Performance Monitor is an innovative software for Oracle and MS SQL Server database monitoring. It was developed on the basis of over 15 years of experience of our database optimization and troubleshooting experts.
Main characteristics:
Low CPU’s occupancy
Our Performance Monitor causes no noticeable load for CPU. Other tools for database performance measurements generate issues regarding high occupancy of the database server CPU by collecting relevant information – it takes even up to 4 CPU.
SQL monitoring broken down
to 15-minute time periods
Our software gather statistics in 15 minutes intervals, and one pass lasts between 5 and 30 sec. to complete. This ensures minimal (not noticeable) load for the database so Monitor can be used even with the most busy databases without any negative impact on their performance. Moreover our architecture is designed in such a way that the Monitor can be used by 1, 10 or 100 people without any influence to database performance.
Great price
Price/performance ratio of our software is unbeatable for our competition.
Intuitive interface
Our software has extremely easy to use interface, even for users less familiar with database performance tuning.
Regular updates
To guarantee users the highest quality, our software is constantly developing, as a result we issue minimum of 4 new updates for DBPLUS Performance Monitor a year.
Getting to the core of the problem
DBPLUS Performance Monitor gather very detailed information and point out exactly which SLQ statements cause problems in the database. It stores their performance history and thanks to that it is possible to quickly find inefficiencies and solve them one by one without changing general parameters of the database. This is crucial as it always gives performance increase in contrast to changing global parameters of the database which can result in speeding up some queries while slowing down the others with overall negative impact on database performance.
World class support
Not only our software is world-class but also the support we provide with it.
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Download DBPLUS Performance Monitor

Check our tool in action and find out what capabilities it gives

Download installation program
Download a fully functional 30-day version of the software. If after 30 days, you do not decide to purchase a license, the system will disable some advanced features, but you will continue to use its basic features available in the free version.
for Oracle for MSSQL
Watch the video tutorials
Go to our YouTube channel where we have videos to help you better understand the features of DBPLUS Performance Monitor and learn how to use it to detect and remove performance problems in your databases.
Download user manual


The user documentation describes in an easy-to-understand manner all the functions available in the software. This manual is available in two versions – for Oracle and for Microsoft SQL Server.
 for Oracle for MSSQL
Check out our on-line demo


Before you install the program in your environment, you may want to familiarize yourself with its interface and features with the fully functional demo versions we provide on-line.
 Oracle  MSSQL


Watch our Introduction Video